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Noida Extension has become one of the top locations for the real estate companies. The government acquired a huge land area from the farmers and sold it to the real estate companies who would then start their big projects. The real estate companies began the work but soon they came across problems in gathering the fianc├ęs. This shifted the completion of the projects and many companies have stopped the work. The inability to get money from the investors has become big reasons as for why many projects in and around Noida Extension are in devastating condition. This has further spoiled the market thus affecting the cost of the homes as well.

Fall in prices of 2 BHK Flats in Noida Extension

There is no denial to the fact that the fall in property rate has resulted in a terrible setback for the companies. They are not only going through loss but are unable to get the work completed on time. This has become a question of worry for them as they have already booked the 2 BHK Flats in Noida Extension for the people and now they are looking for quick possession of their homes.

On the other hand, people who have not booked their homes till now are finding this a great opportunity as the prices have dropped down. Thus they are now able to book the homes at a decent price thereby saving their money. So it can be said that this downfall has proved beneficial for the customers as they are being able to book the flats at the price they were looking for and the companies are panicking for the heavy losses.

Lack In Quality With Unavailability Of Funds

Though the downfall in the prices is good news for the people but the companies have started comprising with the quality and this is resulting in poor construction. The companies are not able to get enough money to complete the entire construction and that is why they are trying to utilize the leftover money to the maximum. This has surely affected the construction in many ways and that is why people are moving away from buying these the 2 BHK Flats in Noida Extension.

So it will be good if you carefully analyse this aspect before buying any home in and around Noida Extension. If only you are satisfied, you should proceed with the investment or you can look for other options as well.